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I’m a PHP and Drupal Consultant from the UK

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I'm an experienced web developer, who's worked with PHP for twenty years. I've used Drupal for ten years, from version 5 through to the current version 9. I’ve worked for myself since 2016.

I’ve had a varied development career, from working in house at an insurance company and a publisher, to agencies and startups. I’ve been a developer, team leader, system architect, technical consultant and CTO.


I started building Col8 myself, but quickly realised the benefits of having a technical co-founder when Rupert joined. Together we designed and built a product and startup company, which attracted investment at a valuation of £1M.

Charles Smith

Charles Smith

CEO, Col8

Whenever I'm working with Rupert, I know the project is in safe hands. He's an experienced developer who I would always trust to produce robust back-end architecture for any application.

Rose Nichols

Rose Nichols

Designer/Front-end Developer

When an important client brought a project to us that another agency was failing to deliver, we needed some extra resource to help to get it over the line. Rupert helped us out with performance and architecture improvements on the app that we inherited, and with the rest of our team, turned it into the solution that our clients needed it to be.

Greg Harvey

Greg Harvey

Director, Code Enigma

Need a whole team?

Building a really good web application needs specialism at every level of the stack. My specialism is back-end web development. It's the part of a website that runs on the server. If you're looking for an entire solution, I can recommend colleagues in the industry that I trust to deliver quality solutions in design, front-end development, system administration, etc.

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To hire me, email me at [email protected]. You can also find me on twitter.